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Connecting Natural Gas to Your Home or Business

I am going to simplify this for you if you are wondering about having Natural Gas connected to your home or business. Here are the steps:
1. Call your gas network provider to find out if they can connect gas to your property and what they will charge.  In Sydney this is Jemena Ph: 1300 137 078. They will install a gas line from the gas main up to your meter. Their connection fee starts at $220 for up to 25mtrs but can be more if your on a busy or major road, or if you have any obstructions on your property.

Roof Leaks and Repairs

Often times it isn't until we experience extreme weather conditions e.g. unusually strong winds and rain that you will discover you have a roof leak. The combination of strong winds and all that water forces the rain into any vulnerable cracks. Call a plumber or roofer as soon as you see a leak as it assists us greatly in detecting where the leak may be coming from if we can see it occurring or shortly after to see the traces of the water leak. It is advisable to put a small hole in your plaster ceiling if you see water pooling or leaking through as this may prevent the ceiling from collapsing under the weight of the water. Put a bucket under the leak to prevent further damage to your dwelling. Careful though, there can be a lot more water in your ceiling than appears from the outside.

Leaking hot water relief valves.

Leaking hot water relief valves: We are asked this a lot, so yes it is normal for your mains pressure hot water heater to drip some water especially while its heating up eg after showers. It should not drip continously however and this is a sign that it may need replacing.


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