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Connecting Natural Gas to Your Home or Business

I am going to simplify this for you if you are wondering about having Natural Gas connected to your home or business. Here are the steps:
1. Call your gas network provider to find out if they can connect gas to your property and what they will charge.  In Sydney this is Jemena Ph: 1300 137 078. They will install a gas line from the gas main up to your meter. Their connection fee starts at $220 for up to 25mtrs but can be more if your on a busy or major road, or if you have any obstructions on your property.
2. If Jemena say yes gas is available, then call us and as licensed gas fitters we can ascertain if it is feasible to install a gas line in your property and also provide you with a quote.
3. Once the network provider has installed your gas line, we will then connect to it, from the gas meter to your gas appliances.
Note: Every property is different and presents varying degrees of difficulty when retrofitting  a gas service. Please call us to assess your properties suitability prior to committing to planning the location of your new gas appliances or before buying gas appliances or arranging a connection with Jemena.


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